Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have never taken Performance Enhancing Drugs

In the aftermath of yesterday’s confession by Alex Rodriguez it only seems appropriate to add my 2 cents. But first I just want to start by declaring that I have never used Performance Enhancing Drugs. As hard as it might be to believe, my on-field performance has and always be au-natural. Over the years in this crazy construction business I, like A-Rod, have felt incredible daily pressures to perform at high levels by my clients, my employees and even my wife. It has never occurred to me to resort to cheating or taking “The Juice” to get ahead of my competition. Remodeling someone’s home involves a far more intimate relationship with our clients than being on the baseball diamond looking into the stands. Our work is not judged by the immediate results shown in the box score but rather by the long term happiness of our clients and how well the work holds up over time. The “Meadowview Experience” is something I am constantly trying to instill with my lineup of craftsmen and office staff as it is the first thing our clients observe and the last thing they will remember when the project is long complete.

What excites me when I watch a baseball game are the special moments in the game where a player makes an amazing play or when a pitcher gets himself out of a bases loaded situation with no runs scored to preserve the lead. I have to believe that our fans (read as: clients) also appreciate when we pull off the unimaginable or when we act quickly to avoid a major problem on the job site. Now that I think of it, what could possibly go wrong on one of our job sites? Believe it or not, just about everything has and it’s happened more than once, even with our talented bullpen of starting pitchers (read as: lead carpenters) and well-intentioned coach (read as: production manager). The truth is, sometimes things go wrong and it is critical to have the correct people in place to deal with these eventualities. I’d like to think that we go about as far as any company would go to please their clients on day to day basis. And we don’t “Cheat”.

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